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Many aspects of management in the meat and food industry are unique.  We pride ourselves in offering tools and knowledge for all the unique and special challenges.  Our products and clients are involved at all stages of the industry.

If you are looking for products other than those listed here, please call or e-mail your specifics.

Note: Other than clothing, all Meat Handler Company products are tested on animals! (or at least carcasses and further processed forms of animal protein).

Product introductions:

Meat Handler

Carcass Handler


Venison Handler

Blend Handler



MeatWear logo items

In the following sections, for many items you can click on the product's title or logo for more details of that package.

The Meat Handler       

Our namesake software for meat management. Provides tools for costing, order processing, accounts receivable, tracking of recall information, customer histories, and getting the details as well as the big pictures about operations.  There are several subsystems available to suit a variety of operations ranging from small meat shops with less than five employees to large multi-100 million dollar revenue companies.  This is a powerful "off the shelf" software product that is easy to use and affordable to implement.  See more detail.

The Carcass Handlertm       

The Carcass Handler is a carcass tracking system designed to handle the complex paperwork associated with buying stock from livestock stations or sale barns thru the cold scale.  This package is designed to be highly code customized for each facility and is typically for a single species.   See more detail.

The Venison Handler  

The Venison Handler records incoming trimming and carcass information to facilitate organized movement of venison and other types of wild game.  Customized to each plant to reflect their special needs, cutting instructions with tailored invoicing helps the accurate flow of information for a successful season.  Offers flexible production reporting and filling by product and date, and using a client's rules based system for the sequence and combination of filling orders.  With the addition of the venison labeling module, a great product label with hunter's name and end product weights can be printed without any additional entry work.  See more detail.

MeatWorkstm spreadsheet templates   

Need to plan your product sales mix and use it forecast profits?  Or, calculate brine, pickup, or pump concentrations?  That is just a small part of the MeatWorks collection of management analysis templates used to determine a wide range of critical factors in meat plant costing and decision making. 

Blend Handler tm 

An enhanced and affordable spreadsheet to take care of adjusting multiple ingredient amounts to show lean percentages and meat block costs, exhibit ratios of weights to meet a certain goal, and demonstrate the exact amount of ingredient needed to “fix” a given lean percent material the user wants to use up.


If you wonder:
What is the most profitable specification raw material to use for today's orders?  What is it worth to me to add one more machine, person or live animal of a certain type to my operation?  If I have any mix of carcasses hanging, with known yield and quality grades, which should be broken into what cuts given our orders, today's prices, and future price expectations?  Given my raw material specs on hand and available, which materials should be used in which sausage products to give me the best product with the most combined profit margin?

This package can provide the answers:
All of these questions can be resolved with our optimization tools.  These are highly mathematical solutions that can consider any decision and forecasting factors you face, and predict the cost (or lost potential profit) of not following "the best solution".  Each set of solutions is custom designed using our industry experience and interviewing skills to provide management with the "best of breed" tools for strategic and tactical planning.  

Labeling Applications

Software available ranging from stand alone packages using existing dot matrix printers, to sophisticated integrated systems for high speed thermal printers.  We can assist in specifying the most cost effective and data integrated solution for your requirements.

MeatWear logo clothing and gift items

Stylish garments and accessories that let everyone know who is 'a Meat Handler'!  Show me all the fun stuff!  


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