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Venison Fill and Bill
Chronic Wasting Disease


The Venison Handlerô is a highly flexible customized piece of software suitable to all types of wild game processing.  From deer to elk to fish, we work with clients to configure the package to their way of doing business. 

We start with the Meat Handler Custom Cutting Module and extend the function to additional areas.

The system can tracks customers and orders from drop off to pick-up.  Includes their whole muscle cutting instructions, sausage making, pricing based on head, trim weight, add weight, or green weight, and can calculate take-home amounts and total billings.  Entries are made once at or after receiving and all supporting product labels and reports are automatically created.  Reports can range from production tools (grinding and smoking lists in chronological or tag sequence) to financial analysis (invoiced products and services by timeframe). 

System includes the flexible report writer and customer database.  Allows easy follow-up mailings or coupon programs for yearly marketing success.  All the tools for organizing and reducing repetitive paperwork, eliminates clerical and math errors!

When used in conjunction with the Meat Handler's Recipe module, individual batches of sausage are sized and worksheets prepared.  The recent addition of Venison Fill and Bill allows fast and automatic filling and invoicing of orders for single products.

By recording harvest location, hunter permit number, and sex it is easy to run reports when required for natural resources departments.

Designed for local area networks, entry computers can be stationary or portable/wireless laptops.

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