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Here's the latest software news, updates, features, and new modules for products from the Meat Handler Company.  

Please also see our Tech Support Section for news, advice and cautions on supported software.

10.01S.  User name can flow to invoice reference, Option whether or not to auto finalize fixed weight items, Doubtful account calculation is now optional in A/R report, Recipe production stores batch date, Custom cutting posting to wholesale billing fixes sales tax handling, Flexible breadth of quote, quote layout modified.

10.01R.  Flexible number of Bill of Lading copies, "Show Cost" can be turned off in order entry, Auto calculation of due date fixed in Order Entry, Add ability to block the overwrite of item description in order entry.

June 20, 2001.  10.01Q.  Fix to end dates for Special Pricing, A/R overpayment now allows flexible comment, Statement shows customer's phone number.

April 24, 2001. 10.01P  Change to more universal printer codes for Bill of Ladings, Recipe batch sizer can be based on Meat Block weight, <F6> shows last price for all items, Pick list copy number prints on pick list to aid in identification when routed to different departments.

March 29, 2001.  10.01N.  Fix for cancelled orders which were inappropriately marked as "current".  On-screen text and entry procedures enhanced in order entry for type 5 sale items (products where container count was unknown).  Recipe production can now be based on either finished weight or meat block starting weight.  Zero copies of BOL now allowed.  Update includes 10.01L and 10.01M, requires 10.01K to be running.

January 13, 2001.  10.01M.  Allows multiple copies of Bills of Lading.  Open orders can be globally re-priced based on current price list or specials.  Repair made to allow proper reporting access for inventory transactions.  New Program - Venison Fill and Bill routine available at additional cost to Custom Cutting owners.  Update includes 10.01L and requires 10.01K to be running first.

November 15, 2000.  10.01L.  Aesthetic fixes to cut test production screens and analysis, costs of credit items at market posted to inventory.  Statement printing offers alternate layout for letterhead users.  Import routine available for posting 3rd party scale production summary to inventory.

July 6, 2000.  10.01K.  Fixes manual add of items to sales reps guidesheets.  Purchases now post lot number to inventory transaction file.  Change to MHISTORY database for expanded lot number on inventory transactions.  Includes 10.01H, I, J, and 3 intermediate updates of April 10, April 11, and May 3rd.  Users of 10.01G should run the MHINVCFX.PAL utility to modify invoice layouts, and all previous versions should run MHFIXSPC.PAL to fix data for existing specials.  There are updates included for the MHandler, MHSecure, and MHistory databases.

May 26, 2000 
Fix for manual adding an item to the customer order guide sheets, was dropping off in History Build due to occasional strange dates, related to Y2K changes.  Run History Build and Load to fix future manual adds.

May 3, 2000
Fix for special pricing with columnar delete/extend function.  Related to Y2K, existing expire dates were set to default to 12/31/2099 during the changeover, even though 12/31/2049 is last date fully supported.  Load update and run fix routine.

April 11, 2000
MH1000BX.UPD patch is an intermediate version release to allow 1000 boxes per line item.  Previous limit was 500 boxes.

April 10, 2000
Updates to 13 A/R reports that had 'weird' or 'out of range' dates for seed criteria due to adding century.  Was aesthetic only, no effect on report layouts or function.

March 1, 2000
Version 10.01J  Fixes for proper operation of Returned Goods Memo module.  In some cases returned weight was not being properly calculated.  Contains 10.01H and 10.01i

February 23, 2000
Version 10.01i.  Special pricing maintenance.  Load MHSPCPRC.UPD to MHandler database and MHSECURE.UPD.

February 10, 2000
Version 10.01H.  Meat Handler now capable of printing lot numbers on invoices. (Lot numbers were kept for recall tracking since January of 1999, however they did not print on invoices.)   After loading, users need to run the included MHINVCFX.PAL to modify the site's invoice layout table.

January 28, 2000 
Version 10.01G.  Meat Handler Bills of Lading modified to print properly on laser printers.  Includes releases 10.01C, D, E, and F.

January 15, 2000
Meat Handler HACCP worksheets are made available based on product HACCP class.  Version 10.01F.

December 28, 1999
Final Y2K version 10.01D, all users should at least be to this level to operate reliably in the year 2000 and beyond.


Clients with Support Agreements in place can download any updates for products they own via the password enabled Download section.


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