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[Product Image] MeatWorkstm spreadsheet templates

Need to plan your product sales mix and then use it to forecast profits?  Or, to calculate brine, pickup, or pump concentrations?  That is just a small part of the MeatWorks collection of management analysis templates used to determine a wide range of critical factors in meat plant costing and decision making.  

Examples of other templates include:  daily and monthly cash register balancing, cost per sales call, machine and smokehouse cost calculators, depreciation worksheet, economic order quantities, overhead calculations, and most of the USDA volume and concentration formulas in spreadsheet form.  These are real timesavers that give highly valuable results.  Over 30 spreadsheets for you to use in Excel, Works for Windows, or Lotus 1-2-3 (not included).  

Brief descriptions are included with product.  Basic user understanding of spreadsheet software is required.


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