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  These are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ's) we receive, if you click on the question, we'll answer it for you!   


Who uses the Meat Handler software?

What hardware do we need?

How do we learn how to use the Meat Handler software?

What can the Meat Handler program do?

Can you customize cutting instruction screens to match our manual forms?

Do you have a demo disk or CD available?

What is 'the Carcass Handler'?

How widely used are Meat Handler products?

What HACCP tools are available?

Does the program work in Windows?

How is the software supported? 

Is there a user's manual? 

Can you come and train us?

How much does the Meat Handler system cost?

How do I find out more about the Meat Handler? 


The Answers:

Who uses the Meat Handler Companyís products?  There is a very wide range of clients ranging from custom cutting operations to large manufacturers, purveyors, distributors, slaughter/break/bone houses, spice manufacturing, processors, home food service, bakeries, and caterers.  See also 'who are the clients?' in the product page.

What hardware do we need? The Meat Handler Management Program and subsystems all run on PC compatible equipment either as a standalone or under a Novell or Microsoft network. A 486 mghz with 16 Meg RAM or higher-level system is a suggested minimum with modem, tape drive and power protection. If you are considering new equipment for single user, consider a P300 or faster, with 64mb RAM, modem, and tape backup.  The faster the processor the more rapidly your work will be accomplished.  For networking configurations please contact us for specifications.

How do we learn to use the software? On-site, step-by-step training is offered with the system. A trainer will come to the familiar surroundings of your site and provide you and your staff hands-on experience for getting your system going.  The training agenda and depth is tuned for the experience of the trainees and management's goals.  If desired, the trainer can also assist in organizing your product lists, review office procedures, and configuring reports in order to assist in successfully streamlining the software into the operation.  In addition, remote training, support, and updates are available over the modem or phone. There also is a complete reference manual with many examples included.

What can the Meat Handler program do? The Meat Handler program is designed to offer all the typical tracking, costing, and analysis done in meat plants from the cold scale thru processing, order processing, accounts receivable and sales analysis.  Custom plants also use the cutting instruction modules for slaughter thru cold scale tracking.  Larger plants with slaughter floors often use the Carcass Handler in conjunction with the Meat Handler program.  Multi-user capabilities are available.  For more details see our detail product information

Can you customize cutting instructions screens to match our manual forms? Yes! Your forms are closely duplicated to have the minimum of changes at your site. What is very pleasing to the new user is having the choice to have the invoicing included on the same screen as the custom cutting instruction, or performed in a separate step with one keystroke!

Do you have a demo disk or CD available? Since the programs are under continual development a demo disk or CD would be outdated very quickly. An up-to-date live demonstration can be arranged on-line between your computer system and ours and assisted with live interpretation from a sales rep. If desired you can operate the software from your site, and we can use your numbers if preferred for analysis.  Thus you are able to see and get the feel of the programs you are interested without confusion.

What is 'the Carcass Handler'? The Carcass Handler addresses many requests from slaughter facilities and packing houses to track livestock into the facility from advance contracting thru the cold scale.  This software is highly customized per plant and typically includes carcass identification, in plant grade, weights, hanging costs and inventories, and veterinary comments and defects. Grade and yield settlement tickets or checks can be printed with a wide range of user definable reports.  See our detail product information.

How widely used are Meat Handler Company products?  Installations and training has continued to grow to over 35 states, Mexico, and Canada since our first install in 1985.  

What HACCP tools are available? The most recent version of the Meat Handler recipe section has built-in, user customizable worksheets to keep track of vital production details for batches.  We track product recall lot numbers.

Does the Meat Handler Management Program work in Windows?  Yes, all products work great under Windows 95 or Windows 98.  

How is the software supported?   There are several forms of support: 

bulletphone in support where technical staff can readily assist you
bulletfax in where your question or concern may be responded to with a fax back or a call 
bulletModem support is also popular, client sites are linked through remote connection software where files are examined, fixed or updated. 
bulletE-mail support and web downloads also available. 
bulletFor users who desire the most complete information, detailed Technical Notes about specific topics are included with the documentation, with many available on the web.

Is there a userís manual?  Yes, a full size manual with indexing, samples and space to make site oriented notes. For quick reference there are Technical Notes focusing on the more intricate topics.

Can you come and train us? Yes! There are many advantages for our trainers to provide learning at your site:

bulletCustomers have company information at their fingertips
bulletTrainers can observer operations and recommend the procedures for using the Meat Handler programs to your best advantage
bulletIt is fun, educational, and eye opening
bulletCompanies get a "jump start" on getting going with the system and comfort level goes up for all involved
bulletPersons to person contact is established for excellent future training and support

How much does the Meat Handler system cost?  There are a wide range of programs and configurations available ranging from $250 to $15,000.

How do I find out more about the Meat Handler Companyís projects and products?  Request product info, or use the Feedback page, or email the Meat Specialist at , fax 920.693.8772 or phone 920.693.3141

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