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The Meat Handler
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      The Meat Handler 

Software for meat management for costing, tracking recall information, customer histories and getting the big pictures about operations.  There are several subsystems available to suit a variety of operations ranging from small meat shops with less than five employees to mid-sized multi-hundred million dollar revenue companies. 

Complete Management Package

A comprehensive set of all the inter-connected tools for complete cost and sales managing in a plant.  Includes Order Processing subsystem, Money Maker, production costing modules, inventory and more. Custom Cutting can be added per species.

Order Processing Subsystem

A dynamic system to place and track advance and immediate orders, print picking tickets, finalize invoices, accounts receivable, payments and adjustments, run statements, repeat sales based on customer purchase history.

Money Maker Subsystem

What are you making on a particular product?  Use the product section, recipe calculator and cutting test analysis to help find out!  This combination of integrated programs helps the users to make more money by finding the true costs and pricing at effective margins.  Includes HACCP worksheet printing.

Custom Cutting

Designed to be easily customized to your plant to track individual cutting instructions with beef, pork, venison, veal, etc..  Includes customer information, flexible reporting, billing can be on the instruction itself or posted to a separate invoice.  Some plants use a catering 'species' to track those events as well.  Detailed cutting records with invoicing are kept for long-term referral.  Up to 12 hours of layout work is included with the package
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