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The Carcass Handlertm

Carcass cost tracking system designed to handle the complex paperwork associated with livestock scheduling, kill floor management, costing, and settlements.  This product is typically used in single species slaughter operations.

Carcass values and costs can be determined immediately and accurately. Individual animals are often tracked so reports can be generated based on animal ID, slaughter date, source, dealer, or final grade. This program streamlines and automates daily repetitive calculations.

This package is highly customized to meet the plant's production and business goals.  The Meat Handler Company will work with you to develop a complete system that works well with your product flow.  We have worked in beef, pork, veal, equine, and rabbit species.  Typical systems include integration of information from scales, scanners, and automated measurement tools.

The Pork Procurement package is considered by many as the most valuable and sophisticated software of it's it type worldwide.

For specialized carcass handling software, a team of meat specialists visits your site to combine your experience and the Meat Handler Company’s expertise for the best solutions.

Specific Features and Benefits:

bulletLive scheduling
bulletGrower, contractor & customer lists
bulletKill sheets weights & grades
bulletGrower totals, Batch stats, prints, Purchase Settlements
bulletDressed inventory viewing
bulletTrailer loading, weights and details
bulletSales invoice preparation and printing
bulletLoad out detail reports
bulletPlant customized
bulletIntegration with grading instrumentation
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