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Quotes from Clients
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Customers  become our "business partners".  We work hard to meet their goals and needs.  Here's what they are doing and saying:


Shot of offices of Peters Bros Meat Market as Tim prepares to replace his 3rd generation of hardware, all reliably running the Meat Handler since 1990!  
 "We are looking forward to a great venison season!"
          -  Lisa at Maplewood Meats, WI

"The Meat Handler is easy to use and my employees are excited about the instant access they have to cutting instructions!"
          - Andy Sorg, Sorg's Quality Meats & Sausages

"We are having one of our biggest years ever!  With the Meat Handler keeping track of the sales, forecasting is much easier!"
     - Sally Roberts at
        Silver Creek Specialty Meats, Inc.

“We’ve grown over 20 fold since we started with the Meat Handler 10 years ago.  At that time they added some special costing routines at our request that we still use every day, along with order processing and sales analysis.  This package is flexible, powerful, and easy to use for our staff and 6 Meat Handler stations.  We are working with them on new tools which will carry us another decade or more!”

     -Tony Saguto, Stampede Meats, Inc.

"The program keeps paperwork organized, logical, and accurate.  That's important when you have trucks going on the road to fifty-plus stops each day!"
       - Gail Hise, Western Buffalo Co, Inc.
“I use the Meat Handler Management Program to run my business…it is especially helpful to track the costs on recipes, and to invoice the right products quickly and accurately.  A few years ago I left on my dream of an African hunting safari for 29 days, all went great in my absence, I couldn't have gone without the Meat Handler in place!”
          - Marilyn Nihiser at Troy Frozen Foods, Inc.  
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"We have expanded and grown a huge amount since we started with the Meat Handler software, we never could have stayed organized and accurate without it, it's a great match for our business." 
         - Nancy Kvinge, Petschl's Quality Meats, Inc.

“I spent a lot of energy looking for the right software for our business.  I'm really glad I made the decision for the Meat Handler Management Package; with its invoicing and customer tracking, it has really streamlined our order taking and filling."
           - Kevin Hertig, Reed & Hertig

“The Venison Handler kept all the details straight again this year… it was a big year for us and it was smooth thanks to the Meat Handler!”
     - Glenn Roberts, Glenn's Market & Catering, 1999
"The Meat Handler let me concentrate my efforts and talents on the products and parts of our operation that would let us meet our goals.  The year I installed the program, I made more money than I ever had before.  I'm sure that trend will continue.  The Meat Handler and the answers we get from it have changed our business more than any other tool we have ever purchased."
       - Glenn Roberts, (then Glenn's Market) 1989

“Our wild game processing with the Meat Handler has far exceeded our expectations.  This software has made that season a joy.  It has let us become more organized, has virtually eliminated mistakes, and has cut our clerical time.  The automatic high speed bar-coded labels for boxes works very well for checkout with our scanning registers.”
    - Chuck Miesfeld, Miesfeld’s Market


[reaching for stars]
"We saved a lot of money by not having any mistakes on our order invoicing.  We check the orders for correct weights and the system does the rest of the pricing.

"We like this system because it is able to process orders and make price changes, when necessary, that carry throughout the system.

      - Donnavon Eaker, Steve's Meat Market
"I know it would be impossible to run our business without computers.  We are a small company with hard-working people and machines.  The Meat Handler let us know our sales and inventory on the 4000+ items we distribute.  For each and every one of them, we know what they cost and how much they are making for us.  In the past, I'd worked with some other much more expensive software that I have since thrown away in favor of the Meat Handler.  The flexible report writer lets me get the answers I need quickly and effectively.  The company has provided the answers, support, and enhancements we've needed.  Keep up the good work!!

     - Marilyn Nihiser, Troy Frozen Foods, Inc.
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