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This page has been assembled to show all the common tools and terms associated with a web page.  Reprints of this page must include the Meat Handler Company name and web address (our URL).

A page is composed of text, graphics, and other components. 

Across the top you can see our company name, then the page title.  The title is set up as a "page banner" with a red, yellow, and blue graphic.  Under that is a "horizontal navigation bar" showing all the "top level" pages.  

Underlined text is usually a "hyperlink" or "link" that can take you to a place of interest by clicking on it.  For example, <Click here> to go to the Tables Section.  

The Company
New Tools/Features
Tech Support
Navigation bars are buttons used to move around the web site.  The buttons can either be text or graphical.  To the left is a text "vertical navigation bar" of the main sections of this web site.  Each entry is a link to that section. The color of the links changes after you have selected it to help the user remember which links have already been visited.

Navigation bars are typically found at the top, and left sides of a web page, and occasionally at the right and bottom sides.

Control "buttons" are graphics (pictures or artwork) that are also links to other parts of the page, site, or even different sites.  Click on either pumpkin button to jump to the Tables Section below.

A "hit counter" shows how many times a page or site has been accessed:

  Hit Counter people have visited here.

A "table" organizes information, graphics, and helps with page layout.  Table gridlines can be visible or invisible.  Each entry is called a "cell".  Here is an example of a table and some of the things that can be done with one.


Product X
3) 2lb vac bags per case
Product Y
Packed 4 per box
Text can be left justified,
or right justified.
Cells can contain text, graphics, or both.
Cells can contain colored backgrounds and text of any color.
Cells can be split or merged as required.
Text automatically wraps

Cells can have "background pictures.

Individual cells can have different color borders.

Cells can also contain links.  Click anywhere on this text to jump to the next item.


A "marquee" can attract attention but is often too much for most pages:  a sample moving message for you

"Hover buttons" change colors or react when the user mouses over them:

Using "text search" lets a user find a page or part of a page that holds the words a user is looking for.  Enter a search word here: 

Search for what text?:

"User input forms" collect any information desired.  The requested info is entered by a user and passed by the system to someone as a file, email, or database.

Your name please: this space for entry is called a "one line text box".

and your e mail address?:

What do you think of this sample? 

        this is a "scrolling text box" and allows an umlimited amount of entry by the user

Check here if you'd like more info:   this space is a "check box".

When you can have only one out of several choices it is typical to use "radio buttons": 
What state are you from? 


          when the user hits the submit button, the information obtained in our example is held in a file for a user to review, it could also send email immediately.

Below we see the page footer.  This info appears on all or most of the pages of the web site.  It is typical to include copyright and trademark info at the bottom of pages.  Navigational toolbars allow the user to proceed as needed without returning to the top of the page.  

This page has a "bookmark" at the top of it so you can click here to go to that bookmark.

We hope this little sample page has helped you with terms and ideas that will help make your web site interesting and effective!  This page can be printed and distributed in it's entirety.



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