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HACCP Tools Incorporated into Meat Handler  Software

March 1, 2000 -- Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points ( HACCP) tools are now an integrated part of Recipe and Formulation section of the Meat Handler software.  Users of the new version 10.01i are able to track the vital information required by their own in-house HACCP plan.  The worksheets are usable changeable by the user, without programming and per product HACCP class, to track such information as lot number, time, temperature.  Many sites are also showing critical limits, and specialized instructions.

The HACCP worksheets are clear and concise.  Employees find them to be easy to read and fill out.  Beta test users like the flexibility to customize as required.  Inspectors and production supervisors welcome the simplicity and effectiveness of the Meat Handler HACCP solution.

Lot tracking for recall purposes was fully implemented with the December 1999 release, January enhancements now support printing lot numbers on invoices, reducing clerical errors and improving customer acceptance.

The update is being transferred to sites via modem transfers and the Internet, as a part of the regular upgrade program for those clients with support agreements.


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