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A great way to use the internet is for your customers to contact you or provide you with information.  Here is an example we're working on for collecting custom cutting instructions for a real world plant.  Users can access and fill-in the forms 24/7 and can move as quickly or thoughtfully as they'd like.  The form generates an instant email to the plant.  We see this automation as an opportunity to educate your customer about cutting while freeing up a significant amount of your phone clerks' time.

Custom Beef Cutting Instructions

If you are an existing custom cutting customer of ours, we probably have your previous instructions on file.  If you'd like us to use those instructions again to cut your beef we can do so.  If you are a first time customer, our suggestion is to start with our 'standard cut' and just modify those instructions based on your family size or dining preferences. 

If you have a question about your cutting, or would like an option you don't see listed, please fill in the Question Paragraph at the end and we'll be glad to give you a call on the telephone, or email back to you. 

Please provide your name and contact information (we never give this to anyone):

Your Name*    
Best Telephone*
8am to 6pm
    Best Time:  
Secondary Phone    
Mobile Phone    
FAX if any    
Farmer's Name*
(or "Our Own")
City State Zip    
Please use email as my primary means of contact.

Portion of beef you will be getting*:  1/2  1/4

If you are a previous cutting customer of ours, we probably have your previous cut instructions on file.

Changes if existing customer:
If you selected exactly the same as last time, you make click here to jump to the bottom of this form to Submit your request.

        We are an existing customer, but have recently moved, changed our phone, or changed our name,
        please use this previous information to locate us: 

Rump/Tip Roasts  Our standard roast is 3# and will feed an average family of 4.
How large would like your rump and sirloin tip roasts?  2#   3#   4#   5#

Boneless roasts are easier for slicing for hot beef sandwiches or company.  Sirloin tip roasts are always boneless.
How would you like your rump roast?  Boneless  Bone-in

Chuck Section  Chuck roasts are not as tender and are usually slow cooked as a 'pot roast' or ground beef.  They can be cut into steaks but those would have to be slow cooked or marinated.  A typical 1/2 beef would produce 10 to 12 3# chuck roasts.  This is also where your ground chuck comes from.
For this choice you can have more than one selection.  Make multiple selections by clicking as you hold down the control key.


The Rib Section is where you get prime rib roasts or club steaks.  You can have it all cut into prime rib roasts, all into club steaks, or a combination of each.  Typically people take one prime rib roast and the rest into club steaks.  On a typical 1/2 beef, there would be about 16 pounds total. 

If you selected getting any prime rib roasts, how large would you like them? 2#   3#   4#   5#
If you selected any club steaks, what thickness would you like?  1/2"   3/4"   1"  (typical is 3/4")
If you selected any club steaks, how many would you like in a package?  (two is the minimum).

Note that if you have a split side (1/4) your club steak thickness must be 3/4" or match the person getting the other portion of your side of beef.

For t-bones, porterhouse, and sirloin steaks our standard cut is 3/4".  At that thickness a typical 1/2 beef would provide 8 to 10 t-bones, 4 porterhouse, and 6 to 8 sirloin steaks.  How thick would you like yours cut?  1/2"   3/4"   1"   1 1/4"   1 1/2"  

How many t-bone and porterhouse steaks would you like per package? 2/pkg   3/pkg   4/pkg   (Sirloin steaks are always 1 per package.)

On the Round Section, most people prefer it into 1/2" round steaks.  Alternately, you can have it made into cubed steaks, boneless roasts, or all made into ground beef.  A typical 1/2 beef would have about 10 1/2" thick round steaks, if you make it into cubed steaks, each round steak would yield 4 or 5 cube steaks (total of 40)

If you're getting any round steaks, what thickness?  1/2"   3/4"  {1/2" is recommended)
If round roasts, what size?  2#   3#   4#   5#
If you want any cube steaks, how many per package?  2/pkg   3/pkg   4/pkg   5/pkg   6/pkg   8/pkg 

What size would you like your ground beef packages?  1#   1 1/2#   2# 
(Ground beef is packaged in tubes.  There is typically 40-60# for a 1/2 beef, and 20-30# for a quarter.)

Would you like patties made from your ground beef? 
(There is a small extra charge for patty making.  Approximately 20 patties in a 5# box and 40 patties in a 10# box.)

          Pounds or portion of ground beef you'd like made into patties (example 30# or 50%):   Please leave blank if you don't care for patties.

Whatever you take in stew meat comes out of your amount of ground beef.  A typical 1/2 beef would have 6 to 8# of stew meat.   Since stew meat is lean, if you take too much stew, it will tend to make your ground beef fatter.  Would you like any stew meat?


Almost done!  Short ribs are a small square piece of meat with a layer of meat, a layer of fat, another layer of beef, and a flat bone in the back.  It's a rib that must be slow cooked, not a rib that can be grilled.  If you don't want the short ribs, they will be trimmed out for extra ground beef. 
Would you like the short ribs?  No  Yes

Soup bones can be kept or trimmed out for extra ground beef.  There would be 12 to 15 packages of soup bones on a 1/2 beef.
Do you want your soup bones?   No  Yes

Would you like the brisket saved as a roast, made into corned beef or beef bacon?  If not it will be added to your ground beef.


We make summer sausage, beef bratwurst, breakfast sausage, polish, Italian, beef sticks, ring bologna and wieners. 
If you'd like sausage made, that comes out of the ground beef you would be getting.  What kind of sausage (if any) would you like made? (There is an extra charge for sausage making.)
For this choice you can have more than one selection.  Make multiple selections by clicking as you hold down the control key.

          If you'd like sausage, how many pounds of ground beef would you like used for sausage?  lbs or ALL

The liver is available in 1# chunks.  If you want it sliced there is a small extra charge. 
Would you like any of the liver?

Would you like any of the heart, oxtail or tongue?  (on a half beef, and if you are purchasing from a farmer, you are entitled to either the heart, or the oxtail and tongue, there is only one of each on an entire animal!  If you are purchasing your beef from Hansen's there is no heart, oxtail, or tongue available.)

Please enter any questions, special requests, or comments in the space provided below:

   Please contact me about my question before cutting my beef.







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